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wholesale nougat for sale | Top 10 Nougat Wholesale Suppliers

Nougat is a traditional candy native to the middle east and southern European countries. Different types of the confection exist containing various additives, but the main ingredients of small nougat pieces are: Sugar, honey or syrup, nuts like pistachio or hazelnut and egg whites. In Iran, the prime quality of this candy is Isfahan nougat Gaz, followed by the famous Tabriz nougat. Both being well-known souvenirs of these areas exported at large to different parts of the world. Contact us if you’re looking for wholesale nougat for sale to buy these delicious candies in bulk for attractive prices.

wholesale nougat for sale | Top 10 Nougat Wholesale Suppliers

Best ways to buy nougat in lowest price

Best ways to buy nougat in lowest price There are several ways to buy nougats at the lowest possible price but using the internet and contacting nougat wholesale suppliers is a great option because by ordering on these commercial sites you can enjoy special discounts by omitting the middleman and not paying extra from indirect shopping centers.

Online shopping is both economical and time-saving. This way you can easily order any number of products in a short period of time and get them delivered to your destination. Plus you can get invaluable consult about the latest price and product specifications that help you decide with clear conscious what kind of nougat is best for your needs.

What are the various types of nougat?

What are the various types of nougat?Various types of nougats exist that all share the primary recipe items listed above but change, add or omit an ingredient here or there to create a new recipe with somewhat different taste and look. The delicious traditional Tabriz nougat is made from whipping the following ingredients:

  • Suger
  • Honey
  • Egg whites
  • Liquid oil
  • Raisin
  • Pistachio, hazelnut or walnut
  • Starch
  • Rosewater

Nougats also come in different colors. For example, Isfahan Gaz comes only in white but brown varieties of nougat exist that excludes egg whites and uses caramelized sugar instead of ordinary white one.

Nuts are a fundamental ingredient of any nougat and using different kinds of them yield different types of confection. Pistachio, hazelnut, walnut, and almond are the most common nuts that are used in making Nougat candies.

Most sold nougats on the global market

Most sold nougats on the global market In the global market, different types of nougat are sold. Famous Nougats made in Tabriz have long been one of the most popular types of these products, with a large percentage being exported overseas annually. The sweet and delicate taste, excellent quality and reasonable price of these products always adds to its worldwide popularity.

Cheapest prices for nougat to export

Cheapest prices for nougat to exportIranian nougat companies not only traditionally been selling their candies inside the country in every sweet shop, but also have set foot outside the boarders to bring their tasty products to sweeten the mouths of foreign consumers.

The famous Isfahan Gaz and Tabriz nougats are exported in bulk to different parts of the world in exquisite packages that can be ordered for cheapest prices If bought directly from suppliers active in your region. Reach us using the information posted below to find out about the latest candy products and their respective prices.

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