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Main prices of Boldaji Gaz in country

The main prices of Boldaji Gaz are changed according to the percentage of almond or pistachio, and can be used to inquire through the sales centers of this product.
With the coming of names of Gaz, perhaps all of us remembers Isfahan into. But it is interesting to know that the production of Gaz is not limited to Isfahan province, and in the central cities of our country, the production of this product is made.

Introduction of Sweets Gaz

Gaz is an Iranian type of bakery, the brain of pistachio and almond, as well as the egg whites of the ingredients. Gaz is a variety of different types, including flour, mouthful, and… Are produced.
This traditional pastry is produced in the central provinces of Iran, including Isfahan, Yazd, Fars and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari. Although the names of Gaz in our minds are the most important of Isfahan province but it is good to know that Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province is also the main producers of a kind of gaz called Boldaji.

prices of Boldaji Gaz

The progress of this province in Boldaji Gaz has been so much that he has been able to dedicate the title of the capital of Iran. In the following we will introduce Boldaji Gaz.

Boldaji Gaz

The name of the Gaz is Boldaji from the name of Boldaji city in Borujen and Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari province, which is the location of production of these types of Gaz.
The most important reason for the development of Gaz making in this province is its proper access to the nectar that is considered as the main material of high quality Gaz.

prices of Boldaji Gaz

This edible substance exists in abundant amounts in mountains of this province. In this case, Boldaji Gaz has been able to allocate a large share of the market. The remarkable thing is that these Gaz have received a National Geographic sign.

Boldaji Gaz Exports

Boldaji Gaz has a very high quality, in addition to providing a large part of the domestic market (one-third of Gaz produced in the country) to achieve the major export of this product. In addition, this product has won two quality badges from Germany and Switzerland.

prices of Boldaji Gaz

Original Gaz Prices Boldaji

Many factors affect the price of Boldaji gaz, including the amount of angbin or honey used in it or the percentage of almond and pistachio kernel. To be aware of the price of Gaz, Boldaji is the best way to quote price from resellers of these Gaz in different cities of Iran.

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