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Gaz pashmak suppliers | Gaz Pashmak With Pistachio

Gaz pashmak is the confectionery that is directly associated with the carnival. If it is consumed mainly at parties or in parks, it is mainly because of its particular manufacturing method and consumption that must be immediate. It is difficult to manufacture at home and it is difficult to transport, although today, there are also candy floss boxes.

Gaz pashmak suppliers

Why do we like cotton candy?

The children are amazed to see this wooden stick that is turned into a tank. Gadually takes shape through the accumulation of filaments that resemble a cloud. His taste is also special. If it is flavored sugars, it is its consistency that gives it a light and melting taste. Because the other characteristic of cotton candy is that it sticks to the fingers. Under the effect of heat and moisture, fine sugar filaments tend to melt. That’s why, those who eat it by pecking small handles are found with sugar full fingers. And those who eat it directly with the mouth, obviously have a sticky face.

This confectionery is so popular and has such a positive image that it has also inspired authors. First in books, then in cartoons, the Barbapapa family is inspired by confectionery, creating endearing characters with bouncy bodies and varied colors. Cotton candy can also be consumed at the movies or at home with boxes sold even in supermarkets. It can be considered as an alternative to popcorns that are usually consumed in front of TV or cinema. If cotton candy fascinates so much, it is not only for the magic of its manufacture. But also for its appearance and the colors proposed. Initially, cotton candy was all white, but currently it exists in all colors. The perfumes are also multiplied and are associated with colors more and more surprising and attractive.

Gaz pashmak suppliers

The origins of Gaz pashmak suppliers

Some go back to the origins of cotton candy until the invention of spun sugar. This technique, which is still used to make sugar ornaments, was developed in Italy in the 15th century. Although the authorship of this invention is itself disputed. Nevertheless, between spun sugar and cotton candy, there is still a big gap to cross. It will take several centuries to cross this gap. In 1897, the invention of cotton candy was invented by two Americans who presented their confectionery at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The inventors are William Morrison and John C. Wharton. One is a dentist, the other is a confectioner in Nashville.

Surprisingly, an identical patent was filed in 1921 by another dentist, Joseph Lascaux, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Since then, paternity is disputed, which also explains why cotton candy is designated in many ways in English. The Australians kept the name used at the World Expo, “Fairy Floss”. The British and the old Commonwealth countries are using the modernized version of “Candy Floss”, while the Americans have opted for the “Cotton Candy” name, reminiscent of the cotton fields of Louisiana.

Gaz pashmak suppliers

The manufacture of cotton candy

Even if you want to break a myth, making cotton candy is not magic and is not very complicated. Its manufacture is also virtually identical to the method used a century ago. The machine is a conical tank into which colored and flavored sugar is poured. The machine is heated by electric resistances, which causes the sugar to melt. The cone turns on itself causing centrifugal force. The melted sugar escapes through tiny holes, and the cool air cools the sugar. Which solidifies again, giving it a filamentous appearance. Simply turn a wooden stick inside the bowl in a circular fashion to collect the filaments that accumulate and form a cloud of sugar. Airy filaments give cotton candy its fluffy appearance.

Gaz pashmak suppliers


Variants of cotton candy

Even though cotton candy of American origin is known all over the world. There are other traditional confectioneries made from sugar filaments. The pashmak is the Iranian cotton candy. It is made with sugar and sesame oil. In China, we traditionally find the dragon beard, in which we add sugar syrup and rice flour. The Pishmak is made in Turkey and looks like cotton candy except it is made with butter, flour and sugar. Finally

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