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Different prices of Boldaji Gaz

Boldaji Gaz is one of the most famous and most prestigious Gaz produced in our country and has countless supporters among people inside and outside the country. Please contact us for a variety of types of Boldaji gaz.
Perhaps years since the people of Boldaji village in a small workshop were engaged in the production of Gaz, it was time for no one to imagine that this small workshop in the not-so-distant future, one of the main producers and professionals of Gaz in Iran. Boldaji is a small rural name in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province, where people are engaged in the production of Gaz, and the Gaz produced by it is so unique and exclusive that the name of Boldaji is thrown over the language of the languages.

prices of Boldaji Gaz

Do you know how the price of Gaz is determined?

This delicious and popular pastry, like any other product, is produced in a variety of qualities, and is sold based on the experience of work, as well as the quality of the products and the satisfaction of people at different prices on the market. The prices of Boldaji Gaz is different based on its nutritional value.
It is commonly used for the manufacture and production of GAZ from substances such as glucose, white egg, sugar, pistachio kernel, almond brain, or hazelnut. Of course, in some manufacturing products to enhance the quality of the media produced in the Saffron, cardamom, milk of clay and cocoa, also add a unique taste to the Gaz, and the price of these types of Gaz is more expensive than the other production.
Properties that have the GAZ ingredients:

  • Manna syrup or clay milk
  • Mineral sources found in egg whites
  • A variety of vitamins (due to the abundance of brains in Gaz)

prices of Boldaji Gaz

Price of Gaz

The taste of the flavors produced in our country is excellent and tasty, and anyone who uses this traditional pastry and especially the city of Isfahan will always have its taste in their minds. For information on the price of the types of Gaz produced in our country, especially the price of Boldaji gaz, please visit our website and stay tuned with our experts. We have all our efforts to provide you with the best and highest quality of your loved ones.

prices of Boldaji Gaz

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