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Buy Isfahan Export Gaz online

In order to buy a variety of Isfahan Export Gaz online, you can buy your online shopping sites.Gaz’s name in the minds of all of us evokes images of Isfahan and countless beauties.
Gaz is one of the main souvenirs of Isfahan, including traditional Iranian sweets. We will continue to introduce this tasty and noble sweets.

What is a Gaz?

Gog Pastry is a traditional Iranian pastry that was first produced in Isfahan province. In some books, Mohammad Ali Shekarchian is mentioned as the originator of this pastry.
The same has turned Gaz into one of the most well-known souvenirs in Isfahan province. Estimates of cookies in the province are estimated at 450 years.
Gog ingredients include nectarine honey, honey, pistachio and almonds, whole wheat flour, wheat germ, and others.

Isfahan Export Gaz

Variety of Gaz

The songs have different types, including:

  • flour Gaz
  • mouthful Gaz
  • Pistachio Gaz
  • almond Gaz
  • Chocolate Gaz
  • Sohan Gazi
  • And …

Among the different kinds of beans, garlic and pistachios are usually more popular, especially for export.
In addition, note that factors such as the type of brain used in the gaz, the percentage of the honey contained in it, and whether it is flaky or not, is influencing the price of the product.

Production and Export of Gaz in Iran

Currently, in Iran, we are witnessing the production of high quality garlic in three provinces of Isfahan, Yazd and Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. Of course, in other areas such as Kerman and Qom, Gaz is also produced, but its value in comparison to these three provinces is not significant.
Goz produced in these three provinces, especially Isfahan province, is also in addition to supplying the domestic market abroad. In fact, it can be said that the production of Gaz in Iran, in addition to creating a large number of employment and contributing to the social and economic growth of the region, has also brought the country to the country.

Isfahan Export Gaz

How to export Isfahan Gaz

There are many ways to produce high quality and export goods in different cities of the country including Isfahan:

  • Provide sales through sales representatives of this product
  • Isfahan Traditional Market
  • Buy this product online

Isfahan Export Gaz

Buy Isfahan Export Gaz online

Buy Isfahan Export Gaz online allows you to buy this product in absentia and at any time of the day.

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