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Bulk Gaz Distribution Center in Tehran

Bulk Gaz Distribution Center in Tehran, there is a large number of people who refer to the broadcast centers in order to buy in person or on the Internet, and provide the desired product at a reasonable price.
Gaz is one of Iran’s traditional sweets, which is marketed in a variety of flavors and different appearances. Many people refer to their dealers in order to provide a package or bulk of this cookie, and some others purchase agents from the agencies because of lack of access to the dealership and other reasons such as eliminating the intermediary.

Bulk Gaz

Types of Gaz

Gaz is produced in different provinces such as Isfahan, Qom, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. People buy these traditional pastries as packaging or bulk for souvenir, consumption or for sale in their stores. Gaz is divided into 2 types of flour and mouthful, and what is considered in the purchase of Gaz is the taste, appearance, Brains, the quality, brand of the manufacturer, its weight and price. Some Gaz are as follows:

  • Pistachio gaz
  • Badami Gaz
  • Coin Gaz
  • Shear Gaz

Bulk Gaz

Buy Gaz

Gaz, as well as other food products, are supplied as packaging and bulk and also a major addition. Some retail outlets purchase it as a major representation in order to secure their store supplies. There are many agencies all over Iran, some of which are in Tehran. One of the advantages of buying a bulk is to reduce its price for the buyer.

Bulk Gaz

Reasons for the supply of bulk Gaz

There are various distribution centers for Gaz. Some of the reasons why manufacturing bulk Gaz sales are reducing the cost of packaging, in which case buyers can buy it at a more reasonable price and more.

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